Caryn Audenried is a product designer and illustrator based in New York. 

Caryn has worked as a professional designer for over eight years and currently focuses on end-to-end digital product design, from UX to final mockups and prototyping.  She's worked on several teams at a digital agency, has extensive freelance and contract design experience, and was part of several in-house agile product development teams.

Before moving to New York she attended Carnegie Mellon for Communication Design; before that she attended the Barnstone Studios for classical fine art training. She loves combining technical methods with an artistic sensibility to find solutions to problems. In her free time, Caryn is an avid aerialist, science enthusiast and all-around crafty person.


I would love to chat about new projects, ideas, or collaborations. Currently seeking the right fit for full-time employment in NYC.

2006–2010 Carnegie Mellon University—BFA in Communication Design
2010–2012 Interaction Designer at R/GA in NYC
2013–2016 Product Designer at The Knot (XO Group)

2017-2019 Part-Time Lead Product Designer at Unplugg
2016–Present Freelance Designer
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