The Knot LookBook App

The Knot LookBook App

Product Design

I was the lead designer on the LookBook app for almost two years, working closely in a small agile team with the product manager and developer to optimize traffic and launch new features, updating the app consistently every 2-4 weeks.

ROLE  Full Time Designer
DATE  November 2013–August 2015
COLLABORATORS  Julia Schulhof (Product Manager)
STATUS  Launched



The Knot LookBook app is an iPhone app that lets users endlessly browse wedding dresses, engagement rings, bridesmaid dresses and more, save them to their favorites, and then locate them at nearby bridal salons. The users can message the salons to set up an appointment to try on the dresses they like. 

Updates to the app that I have worked on include: a full refresh of the visual system to align well with The Knot's new clean and simple aesthetic, creating a more simple and functional detail page that increased traffic to our vendor listings and images, and numerous iterative changes to the main card-feed layout in response to feedback from our users. With these changes, we increased photo impressions (an important advertising metric), favoriting, and searching for bridal salons year the user.


Above: The Shops tab helps users find information about bridal salons near their current location, including which of their favorited dresses are at the salon they’re viewing.


I conducted user research interviews in-office with real app users to find out what was most important to them. Users would also use the app in office so that we could observe their actual usage patterns. This was some of the first user research that was done on the Product team at The Knot. Some learnings included that users cared about big images that they could easily scroll through on their phone while watching TV at night. They wanted an easy way to tap and save dresses they liked for inspiration, and wanted to learn about the technical details of the dresses they liked (things like silhouette, train length, material, etc)

This app was nominated for an Appy award in 2015 for excellent UX/UI design. You can find it on the app store here.


Wedding Dress detail page. Keeping photos large and clear was the biggest ask from our users, so they can see all the details of each dress, ring, or accessory. I redesigned this page in order to make details easier to read and make it easier to find places to try on the dresses in person.


New coaching walkthrough for when users first start using app. I designed this to help introduce users to the LookBook and what it can be used for.