The Knot Persona Trading Cards

The Knot Persona Trading Cards

Graphic Design

A set of physical trading cards for quick reference to The Knot’s user personas, for internal use.

ROLE  Full Time Designer
DATE  March 2015
COLLABORATORS  Lori Richmond (Design Lead), Yuki Chow (UX Manager)
STATUS  Launched, in active use


The Knot’s full relaunch was in full swing, and as the design team had been working tirelessly to implement better user-centered design practices among the entire Product department, I worked with my boss Lori Richmond and UX manager Yuki Chow to design these cards to represent personas of users of The Knot. These cards would be distributed to all product teams to serve as a reference when designing new features—“Would Becca, Erin, Amy or Casey use this feature? Would it make them happy or would it be frustrating?”


For months, some version of these four personas had been used, circulated, and iterated on in PDF format. There were a few problems with this approach: the PDF file would tend to get lost in people’s computers or Google drive files never to be referred to again; and the stock photos used in the PDF was too specific. Lori and I devised an idea to create a pack of printed 4” by 6” cards to keep on your desk that would feature non-specific illustrations to make it easier to let your imagination run on what the specific user might look like. 


The four persona cards, front. I designed the cards and oversaw printing, with art direction and creative guidance from Lori Richmond. Yuki Chow and others on her UX team wrote the outline of each persona and conducted all back up research to make sure the personas were accurate.


The backs of the cards contained a snapshot of the type of content the personas were consuming, their device preferences, and their pain points.