Unplugg: Self-Care Made Simple

I was approached to design an MVP responsive site and branding for this early-stage startup from the ground up, later joining as the Lead for Product Design. This startup matches consumers with the beauty, wellness, and grooming services that best fit their needs, has a fully-online booking system, and a custom concierge membership.

CLIENT  Unplugg 
ROLE  Lead for Product Design
DATE  October 2016–January 2019
STATUS  Launched



Ane Guzman approached me in 2016, while I was getting my start as a design freelancer, with the ask to help create this as-yet-unnamed product that had the mission to use a sophisticated matching system to connect salons and spas with time-poor customers who wanted services they could trust. In 2017 I joined the team as their Lead for Product Design.


Lots of hands-on sketches and revisions happened in the early stages of this product.


I helped Ms. Guzman develop a plan for the work which included competitor research;  mobile-first UX stage; branding research and testing (see details about the branding process here); user testing, and UI design. Her goal was to launch a responsive site for the product first and later expand to mobile applications and outside of NYC once product-market fit was achieved.


As a bootstrapped start-up, the founders of Unplugg needed to get to a functional but beautiful MVP solution as soon as possible. I worked with Ms. Guzman hands-on to develop the UX experience and test our hypotheses in a lean way. 


Above, a few wireframes I created to start fleshing out my ideas for the new tour request module. On the Venue storefront page, the user could select the time they wanted and go right away to a scheduling page.


The elements we decided on in the first round of UX for the responsive site were driven by what was needed for the core of Unplugg’s functionality: 

  • A fun “quiz” to learn about the customer’s style, wants and needs in a salon or spa service
  • Search experience that included search matches for the user’s desired salon/spa service, date and time (up to 7 days in the future), geographic location, and preferences specified in the quiz
  • Informative profile pages for each partner Provider
  • Account information, payment storage, and secure online payment
  • A Provider portal where the salon and spa owners can manage available time slots, time-based discounting and offers, and their profile on Unplugg. Contact me to learn more about the design of this portal, as I don’t have examples shown here for Unplugg’s privacy.
  • An Admin tool for Unplugg to manage schedules, payment, and customer accounts


I created UX/UI designs for the above features using the Lean UX process, and along with a remote development team and the help of Pivotal Tracker, our small team built out the MVP site and launched in 2017. See more detail of the Digital Style Guide I created in the branding case study.

Over time, dictated by experimenting with customer’s needs and Ms. Guzman’s marketing and product leadership, the focus point for Unplugg evolved to where it is today: a membership-focused product that aims to provide customers with a “no-brainer” approach to making their personal care appointments. Since launch, we added to the customer quiz to include preferred timing for appointments, so that customers could simply indicate that they get a facial every 6 weeks, and the type of facial and salon atmosphere they like, and Unplugg concierges will reach out at the appropriate time to make them an appointment. 


For my initial engagement with Unplugg I also created their logo and developed a look and feel brand for the company. See the branding case study.



Above, latest signed-out landing page for Unplugg.


Customer homepage and dashboard.


Some examples of the Customer Profile quiz.


Customer's view of searching for an appointment


Customer's view of a salon or spa's profile page on Unplugg