Upsider Landing Pages, Dashboard

Product Design

Sales recruitment software startup Upsider brought me on in 2016 to redesign their homepage in order to expand their reach to NYC salespeople and businesses needing to hire sales teams. From there, I also worked with them on other UX/UI improvements to their site and new features.

CLIENT  Upsider 
ROLE  Product Design (Freelance)
DATE  November 2016–December 2017
STATUS  Launched



Upsider initially hired me seeking a full redesign of the Salesperson (One of two of their customer types) Landing page that would help describe and sell their service.

My goals with this page were to increase conversion to sign-ups by emphasizing the valuable tools included in the Upsider product. I evaluated this by conducting user-testing with people who fit the Upsider target user base and finding their needs. The lead developer and I worked closely to review heatmaps and user data after this design was launched in order to make iterations towards higher conversion.


Quick sign-up page for Salespeople; they are encouraged to link their LinkedIn to import data easily.


We decided to keep the Salesperson side on a “dark” theme while the Employer side was “light” themed, to keep them separate and not lead to confusion. This pattern is followed throughout the product. Besides this difference, the visual language is the same and the look and feel is meant to be sleek, luxurious, clean, and feel attractive to ambitious high-earners.

I created this landing page using the product owner’s input and requirements to explain the benefits of using the Upsider platform. Unlike with salespeople, this page is secondary to in-person sign ups for businesses, so it’s more of a supporting page so that potential employer users can find the information they may be looking for.


Final mockup design of the Employer Landing page.


This project was a big redesign of the platform’s previous logged-in state for Salesperson users. The product owner’s ask was to make it easier for Salespeople to sign up for the platform and then allow them to gradually fill in required information to build up their profile, in the hopes that it would help the conversion rate. The users are required to submit a fair amount of their employment information in order to take advantage of Upsider’s market data and intelligence.

My solution was to create this “Dashboard” which would gradually show more information for the user as they enter their career and salary information at the profiling section at the top. Once the user finishes entering this information, the data tools below are unlocked and they can take advantage of seeing how they stack up to other salespeople in their field, if they could make more money elsewhere, etc.

I wanted to make this page feel more personal and dynamic than the previous design - see the next page for the finalized UI.


Above, wireframes for the Salesperson Dashboard, onboarding and filled-out states.


Finished UI Design, with dummy text and copy, example for Dashboard in onboarding state and filled-out state.