The Knot Venue Tour Request

Product Design

When searching for a wedding reception venue, couples found it appealing and convenient to schedule site tours through The Knot’s Venue Concierge offering, but the user experience was complex and inconvenient. I refined the Tour Request feature to include a new user flow and a friendlier experience.

CLIENT  XO Group ( 
ROLE  Design Lead
DATE  March 2016
STATUS  Launched



Here are a few key screenshots of the original tour request flow, when I came to the project. The user would click “Request a Tour” and follow a seven step modal to define times that they could come in for a tour at the wedding venue they’re interested in. The team was seeing a lot of users drop off before they could complete their request.



My goals for this project was to increase completed tour requests by at least 10% by reducing the number of steps the user would have to take to finish their request.


I started by creating some quick wireframes detailing my idea which was to reveal more of the tour request scheduling tool right on the Venue “Storefront” pages, so that users clicking in to request a tour are less surprised by the process.

I tested several rounds of this concept on with engaged users and iterated to make sure every concept was validated by at least five to-be-weds. Overall, the users were enthusiastic about wanting this feature on The Knot.


Since our primary users, couples planning their wedding on The Knot, were not the only users in this system, it was imperative to think about all the touchpoints in the process of making a venue tour appointment. Couples and Vendors needed clear communications facilitated by The Knot’s Concierge team. If vendors provided us with more accurate times that they’re free for tours, we could  make it easier for couples to pick a time that would work for both of them. 


Besides the consumer-facing feature, I worked on iterating the tools and communications for the Vendors so that they could easily provide availability. This feature would continue to be iterated on as the Concierge team was scaled up.


Once the feature was validated on, I designed the UI, making use of the new UI patterns and colors my team had just worked on together in The Knot Rebrand project. As one of the first projects done after the rebrand, this project helped cement and develop some new UI patterns that the rest of the team would build from.


We added new coaching text along the way that struck a balance between friendly and helpful which explained what the Venue Concierge would actually do to help the couple.


Once the couple submits their tour request times, they see a confirmation on their My Venue Tours page, which contains all of their tour requests and confirmed tours, as well as contact information for their personal Venue Concierge, who will actually confirm the times with the venue and text the couple any updates.


If the couple visits the Venue Storefront page after they have a confirmed tour, the Scheduling section is now updated to show to them their upcoming tour time.