The Knot Venue Tour Request Flow

The Knot Venue Tour Request Flow

Product Design

When searching for a wedding reception venue, couples found it appealing and convenient to schedule site tours through The Knot, but the user experience was complex and inconvenient. I developed a new user flow that was friendlier and more usable.

ROLE  Full Time Designer
DATE  March 2016
STATUS  Launched



Here are a few screenshots of the original tour request flow, when I came to the project. The user would click “Request a Tour” and follow a seven step modal to define times that they could come in for a tour at the wedding venue they’re interested in.


The UI was a bit wonky, including the odd shape for a modal, and the seven step process was a bit long for our users. We were seeing a lot of users drop off before submitting their request.


My goals for this project was to increase completed tour requests by at least 10% by reducing the number of steps the user would have to take to finish their request.


Above, a few wireframes I created to start fleshing out my ideas for the new tour request module. On the Venue storefront page, the user could select the time they wanted and go right away to a scheduling page.


I soon discovered that the best answer to this problem would have to involve the front end for our Knottie users and also a redesign of the back end system that our vendor users would use to give us their tour availability. If vendors provided us with more accurate times that they’re free for tours, we could  make it easier for Knotties to pick a time that would work for both of them. 

The concept soon started to take shape, where a small schedule of available times for tours would be visible directly on the Venue’s page on The Knot. Users could click a time they liked and go to a brief scheduling page to finish setting up their request. 

I tested several rounds of this concept on with engaged users and iterated to make sure every concept was validated by at least five to-be-weds. Overall, the users were enthusiastic about wanting this feature on The Knot.


Implementing the front end changes had a huge effect on the number of our users completing their tour requests—initial numbers showed a 30% increase. The team is currently still working on implementing better collection of venue’s tour availability, which will make this process even more smooth and useful for both The Knot users and the vendor users. Furthermore, stakeholders and execs alike loved the feature for its ability to put wedding planning tools easily in the hands of The Knot users, helping The Knot fulfill its long term company goals to plan and book every wedding in America.

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