Watson Festival Across the Arts

Watson Festival Across the Arts

Graphic Design, Branding

Logo and visual system for the inaugural year of a conference developed at the College of Fine Arts, the Watson Festival Across the Arts. 

CLIENT  Carnegie Mellon University
ROLE  Freelance Designer
DATE  March 2010
COLLABORATORS  Spike Wolff, Pablo Garcia (Festival curators)
STATUS  Launched; branding still in use



Carnegie Mellon architecture professors Spike Wolff and Pablo Garcia had concieved of and began to curate a new cross-media arts conference at the university when they came to me to design the logo and branding system. I worked together with them to find the visual language that would support the festival’s mission to “provide a forum for interaction and collaboration between students and faculty from diverse fields within the campus community and beyond.”

The two of them designed the wordplay of Watson (for former Carnegie Mellon professor Jill Watson)/wats:ON? to signify the dialogue that they hoped the festival could spark, and I wanted to expand on this theme in the logo design. As a result, I designed this wordmark that includes a speech bubble that can be used in other places in the promotional pieces—as a background, as a photo frame, as an outline, etc.


Wordmark I created for the Watson Festival Across the Arts. 


Typography gestures and branding colors for 2010 festival.


Early concept sketches and process.


Custom poster design created for the first annual Watson Festival Across The Arts. I developed the poster design as well as the folding structure that can be easily distributed to other colleges and offices, oversaw print production process, live-checked the color (we chose to use a custom spot color ink for that hot fiery orange) and ensured timely delivery for the conference.


Large-form postcard that was sent to art and architecture departments of other colleges to advertise the festival.